• Happiness

    Discover a more nuanced definition of happiness. Learn the difference between hedonia and eudomonia and the importance of both. Discover your top character strengths and how important it is to include activities that stimulate them. Learn how positive emotions help to expand our vision. Discover engagement and how to cultivate a sense of flow. Find out how important it is to savour and express gratitude for the people in our lives. Embark on an odyssey to discover a way to express your authenticity and create something of significance that will live on after you are gone.

  • Mastering Emotions

    Explore the purpose of certain emotions including those that we might choose to avoid. Identify the full range of emotions and learn to embrace and express them appropriately. Learn about our inborn negativity bias and become aware of the cycle of thought, emotion and behaviour and how to disrupt it. Build on our top strengths so we can excel rather than focus on our lowest strengths and at best become average. Reconcile that life is both positive and negative. Explore expressive writing and develop a regular journaling habit. Listen to discussions about sensitivity, depression and anxiety.

  • Relationships

    We discuss the tension between wanting to be autonomous (free) and connected. Be wary of our negativity bias as it relates to relationships. Focus on positive emotions so we can broaden and build and welcome new people and experiences into our lives. How to use our knowledge of character strengths to encourage the strengths of our loved ones. Aim for harmonious rather than obsessive passion and how to recognise when we are experiencing them. Learn the differences between constructive and destructive communication in both its active and passive forms.

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