• How to Eat

    Are you confused with all the conflicting advice around diet? Are you starting to feel that food is the enemy? Tired of following a restricted eating plan? Want to improve your relationship with food? Learn guidelines to healthy eating. Learn to eat intuitively and mindfully. Overcome roadblocks to a healthy diet.

  • How to Exercise and Sleep

    Unsure what constitutes a good exercise plan? Finding it impossible to get motivated? Changing your routine every week? Explore all the possibilities of exercise. Create a routine that incorporates the full range of healthy movement. Discover exercise that you enjoy and that you want to do.

  • Introduction to Hormones

    Feel like you are doing all the "right" things but not seeing the results. Learn how the two main stress hormones effect your mind and body. Learn way to balance your hormones for increased energy, reduced anxiety and better sleep.

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Nourish Your Body

"It is important to nourish the body so it is as healthy as possible. When our health is robust it serves to support our resilience." Lyn Henderson

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